Friday, January 27, 2012

Future Disco


# 2



Inspired by many amazing artists, (as you can see by a few artist double ups lol) here is mixtape number TWO for your listening delight. Featuring some artists I have just discovered and been inspired by and some other strange and beautiful tracks... kick back and take the journey that is FUTURE DISCO! :)


01. Perseus - Running Back to You
02. Perseus - Cool Runnings
03. Moon Boots - Off my Mind
04. Bxentric - Foolishness (Vocodub remix)
05. The Magician feat. Jeppe - I don't know what to do (original club mix)
06. Friendly Fires - Hurting (Tensnake remix)
07. Oliver - Dirty Talk (Punks Jump Up MBO remix)
08. Show your Shoe - Pandi (Extended mix)
09. Herr Styler - Zero Ghosts Out the Door
10. Aeroplane - My Enemy
11. Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere (Psychemagik edit)
12. Psychemagik - Feelin' Love
13. Psychemagik - Wake up Everybody

Download it for later!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Happy (early) Halloween!!

Rainbows of Death


Killer spooky track, released thru French-Express by Rainbows of Death! (Awesome name!) We thought this track was very appropriate for a spooky themed early Halloween track to get the spirit groovin. Enjoy!

Rainbows of Death - Sacrifice by FRENCH EXPRESS

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Monday, October 24, 2011


Lazydisco - More Tigers (C90's remix)

These guys have released a killer disco remix of Lazydisco's 'More Tigers'. This track was originally discovered from the recently released Flight Facilities mixtape (37,000ft). The remix has clean and simplistic stylings with disco influenced samples layered over the original. There is a real 'summer-vibe' to this track featuring a fresh disco-take on an already awesome 1990's love-house style with token piano chords all House music aficionados can relate to (and love). It's always great hearing a remix that does the original justice, and actually improves on it... nice work C90's!

Listen now!
Lazydisco - More Tigers (The C90s Remix) by TheC90s

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flight Facilities

37,000 ft Mixtape

This is worth a listen. We love mixtapes!! Better still is a group we absolutely love doing their own mixtape of what surely is their own favourites, saved as a snapshot in time. Did we mention we love mixtapes?? Do not hesitate, settle into a comfy chair, get in front of some good speakers, or put on a pair of headphones as your groove away to the stylings of Flight Facilities!

37,000 ft Mixtape by flightfacilities

Track for the Day

Shook: Hold Tight

Beautiful track! Filtered funky blend of oldschool house packaged up in a tight killer fresh style. Hold Tight and have a Great Day!! =)
Shook - Hold Tight by Shook (Official)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hot Off the Press!!

Fresh Tiga remix!!
'Azari & III - Reckless with your Love'.

This is well worth a listen... the track is not yet available (being less than a week old) but it's good to hear something new from Tiga, and a really solid remix at that. The padded bassline is hypnotic and deep, really can't get enough of it! We cannot wait to see what else we hear from Tiga in the coming months!
Tiga: Azari & III:

Monday, October 17, 2011

Justice: LEAKED

The much anticipated Justice album: 'Audio, Video, Disco' has leaked! The album has been popping up in various nefarious sites around the globe... The scheduled release date for the album is 25th October, so not too long to wait anyway. datafield managed to have a listen and think Justice have definitely taken a new direction with this album. Of course most fans will know 'Civilization' (copping a fair bit of radio airplay), but there are an array of different tracks and styles with an overall a slight electro-pop-grunge feel (yeah we like making our own genres!). Do not fear, rooted firmly in the album is that distinct Justice sound that we have all come to love. The album is not quite as 'in your face' as some of the crackling electro styles from the previous album 'Cross', but the new styles are still quite as epic... QUEEN epic... just as we would expect from Justice! :)

no track links due to the ethics behind it... plus we love Justice!

Catcall - Satellites

Thanks for the heads up by NinaLasVegas (triplej) on this dreamy track by Catcall. Just another stellar artist coming out of Australia!!
The new single from Catcall's forthcoming debut album 'The Warmest Place' is due out in early 2012.

Available now from iTunes:

Video directed by SPOD

Sunday, October 16, 2011

House of Beni

doin' it for Sydney!

Australia's very own purveyor of all-things-house - Beni has finally opened the doors to his highly anticipated debut 'House Of Beni'. As he pushes the boundaries and in turn your buttons, this album will take you on a journey from the sweaty club, all the way through the night to the afterparty and everywhere in between. With collabs coming thick and fast from the likes of Mattie Safer (ex-The Rapture), Nomi (Hercules and Love Affair) and Sam Sparrow to name but a few, this is an all star cast proving that the House Of Beni is like no other.

The Sydney producer and one-man party show, Beni's album 'House of Beni' debuted on Sep 23 in Australia and across the rest of the world on Oct 11.

Beni's 10-track debut is a sparkling collection showcasing the vocals of guests from across the globe including Sam Sparro, Mattie Safer (ex-The Rapture), Prince Terrence, Nomi (Jessica 6 and ex-Hercules & Love Affair) and Via Tania just to name a few.

Listen to the full album thru Soundcloud:

Beni - House of Beni by modularpeople

Shook release of their new EP:

'The Rise And The Fall'

Shook are really one to watch out for. They have been VERY busy creating magic, remixing all sort of tracks from artists including; Kimbra, Penguin Prison, Phoenix, Louis La Roche, plus a few more! Their sounds are super-clean and tight with funky low ends and the unmistakable flavour of french-house. After many remixes, we are now graced with their OWN unique track: 'Hold Tight'. If you thought the remixes were good, have a listen to this shimmering golden piece of perfection. This track just shows that they are even better at producing their own original music than making exceptional remixes, and that is always a good thing. Expect to hear a lot more from Shook and from datafield going on, and on, and on about these guys because THEY ROCK!! it would be HIGHLY recommended to download this track, especially being 320kbit ... and FREE!

Free Download Of 'Hold Tight' on soundcloud!!

Shook - Hold Tight by Shook (Official)

Shook: Official remixes on Soundcloud... note a lot of them are available to download for free... how nice are they?!! WE LOVE SHOOK!!!

Shook Remixes by Shook (Official)

Everybody Dance

Everybody Dance by jeena
Just sampled on soundcloud, this is a really fresh flavour to a golden disco track! Strong basslines, and a nice kick, guaranteed to get your booty shakin' ;)

Pierre de la Touche & Jontanamo - You can't hide (Silver Disco remix) (snippet)

Pierre de la Touche & Jontanamo - You can't hide (Silver Disco remix) (snippet) by pierredelatouche